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Complete concentration on driving and attention to happenings on the road are essential to safe driving. One you hit the road no other distraction should come in the way of your driving otherwise an accident is bound to happen.

Distractions can be outside the vehicle or even inside, surprising though may sound.

Outside distraction come in various forms. It could be a colourful hoarding, a large notice for an upcoming sale, a building under construction which might come to you as a surprise if you coming to that area after a long time and have been used to seeing an empty ground there.

The most common cause of distraction are a road accident or a roadside brawl. It is human nature that we are curious about a scene of crime or violence [remember our propensity to patronize crime thrillers and movies].

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Remember you might unconsciously slow down while trying to take in an accident or a brawl and if the person behind you is equally distracted – which is quite likely – he might hit you. And if you try to
maintain the normal speed while keeping your eyes on the distractions you might hit the vehicle ahead of you. In either case the result is bound to be unpleasant.

So do not look beyond your side-view mirrors when you are on the road and keep your sight on the road ahead.

But for drivers there are any number of distractions or attention-dividers even within the confines of the moving vehicle which are even more dangerous. Thus:

Do not make or take phone calls on your mobile while on the move. If you must, park properly in a lay-by and then handle the call.

 Do not try to scribble down information or a phone number while driving since this would involve removing your focus from the road to the piece of paper on hand.

Do not fumble and search for objects in the dashboard in front of the passenger seat while driving. In the process you will obviously not be looking on the road.

Do not drive holding a shawarma or sandwich as you take an occasional bite. Holding the steering wheel with one hand as you drive means you risk losing control of the vehicle in case of an emergency.

While chatting with the passengers sitting in the back seat, do not keep turning your head back. You never know when you might bump into a vehicle ahead or run someone over or jump a red light at the moment when your head is turned away from the road.

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