Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha, The Energy of Lubrication and Structure

In Ayurvedic tradition the Kapha Dosha are the mind and body type associated with earth and water. It entails structure and stability in the mind and body as it is slow and steady in nature. The Kapha dominant people are easy going and slow but dedicated and dependable.

The basic qualities of Kapha are cold, wet, stable, heavy, solid and slow.


Just like water moistens the earth, binding with the dust to form mud, kapha is believed to hold the body together by moistening the solid structures of the tissues and skin. Its main home is the stomach, but it is also seen in the chest, head, throat and pancreas.

When in their prime of health the Kapha predominant people possess excellent immunity, a strong body, thick, voluminous hair, large eyes, radiant healthy skin and the ability to sleep well. They may have larger frames and heavier builds and are a pleasure to be around just like cuddly bears!

Kapha predominant people also have good long term memory though they may be prone to weight gain and lethargy.

An imbalance of Kapha when it builds to an excess in the body, can lead to a wet cough, congestion, sluggish digestion, an excessive desire to sleep leading to problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart issues and weight gain. An excess of Kapha in the mind can show up as stubbornness and an inability to let go of jobs or people that have stopped being useful.

In Ayurveda food is medicine and hence a kapha pacifying diet will balance the kapha dosha in the body. Well cooked, pleasing, and tasty food. Meals should be taken regularly, at the proper time in the right amount i.e. neither under or over eating. Snacking sparingly in between such that the hunger is not dampened for the next meal. Eat organically grown food in a relaxed environment.

One can balance kapha’s heavy, dense qualities by increasing movement, increasing more energetic activites into one’s routine and by staying warm.


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